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Gujcot Spot Rate


ICE Cotton Month;y Changes
ICE Cotton Month;y Changes

As on 30-Sep-2022

Cotton On-Call
Cotton On-Call

As on 30-Sep-2022

Cotton Future Close
Cotton Future Close


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Gujcot Monthly Rate Movement Report – Sep 2022
  • Monthly Rate Movement Report – Sep 2022
    • Daily Physical Spot Rate

    • MCX Cotton Daily Closing Rate

    • USD-INR Exchange Rate Closing

    • Cotlook Index

    • ICE Future Closing

    • NCDEX Kapas Rate

    • MCX Future Closing

    • NCDEX and MCX converted into Rs. Candy Rate

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PLEXUS Market Comments
  • So where do we go from here?

    Although December has already been punished quite hard by dropping about 36 cents in just over five weeks, a turnaround is not likely until demand improves. As this week has shown, rallies are still being sold into and there is little confidence among traders that the worst is over yet.
Gujcot Weekly Report
  • Market Movement from 06th Jun 2022 to 11th Jun 2022.

    • This week was bull dominated week in NY future.

    • Market rose after US export sales report. During the last two weeks U.S. export sale showed unexpected rise. Still 27000 contracts are to be fixed for July future and time is running out. July option has expired.
PLEXUS Market Comments
  • So where do we go from here?

    December is approaching key support at 82.54 cents, which is the mid-July low. If it holds, which we expect to be the case, we might get a decent bounce. However, upside potential seems limited as long as we have slow demand, a strong dollar and weak economic growth.
Cleveland on Cotton
  • Inflation Worries Smash Price Support
    September 20, 2022

    The 1990’s saw a Louisiana man become famous for coining the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.” In fact, James Carville’s saying resonated such that he was credited with the election of Bill Clinton to the Presidency of the United States as, day after day, Carville hammered home the phrase.
  • For Week Ending 29-Sep-2022

    Net Upland Sales 121,200
    Upland Shipments 209,600
    Net Pima Sales 1,600
    Pima Shipments 3,300
    TOTAL SALES 122,800

    Net Upland Sales 48,500
    Net Pima Sales 600
    TOTAL 49,100
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