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All India Cotton Sowing Till 19-Sept
  • All India Cotton sowing area reached 1,20,64,100 Hectares against 1,21,71,900 hectares same period last year.

    North India 14,45,100
    Central India 75,28,900
    South India 29,15,000
Gujarat Cotton Sowing Final Report
  • 08 October 2018

    Gujarat Area under Cotton Sowing reached 27,12,100 Hectares.

    Saurashtra 19,29,800 Hectares.
    North Gujarat 2,73,500 Hectares.
    Middle Gujarat 3,07,500 Hectares.
    South Gujarat 1,44,900 Hectares.
    Kutch 56,300 Hectares.
Gujarat Cotton Sowing Final Report
  • 07 October 2019

    Gujarat Area under Cotton Sowing reached 26,68,300 Hectares.

    Saurashtra 18,89,000 Hectares.
    North Gujarat 2,40,400 Hectares.
    Middle Gujarat 3,21,300 Hectares.
    South Gujarat 1,57,100 Hectares.
    Kutch 60,500 Hectares.
  • Cotton MSP 2021-2022
    Cotton MSP Increased by 200 to 211 Per Quintal
Gujcot Annual Report 2021-2022
  • Cotton season 2021/22 was a very challenging one. Cotton market opened at its historically high level and climbed up to create a new historical high of Rs.100,000 plus per candy. Hence it proved that is very difficult for even experts to predict top and bottom of the cotton market. Market finds its own level.