Posted : July 20, 2024


Surendranagar district is very poor in terms of rain and hence the crop deficit. Non irrigated crop hardly gets  5 maund per Bigha. From Lakhtar to Chuda there is a big canal facility of the Narmada main canal. Such limited areas are better. In Lakhtar zone 797 crop are in very healthy conditions. Sayla and Chotila are very poor. Dhrangadhra and Halvad have some irrigated parts and will give some better crop. But overall 40% area here are non irrigated and 60% area are in some better positions. Average yield will be near to 8 maund per Bigha. Hence per hectare the whole district will give 340 kg of yield.   

In Rajkot, Jasdan and Gondal are some better areas. Near to Rajkot Paddhari and Shapar all are some better cotton belt. We estimate 14 maund per Bigha here. So 595 Kg will be the average yield per hectare.

In Jamnagar, Kalavad and Falna are some better areas. It will produce some real good yield. While Jodiya and Lalpur are very poor hence Jamnagar is a mixed prediction area and average Bigha would be 11 maund. Hence per hectare yield would be 467 kg .

Porbandar and Junagadh both areas have got good rains with healthy crop conditions. Bigha would be 18 maund. Hence it would yield 765 kg per hectare.

Amreli District is the heart of saurashtra when it comes to cotton with the biggest area under cotton cultivation in Gujarat. This district got huge rain in the start of the season but did not get timely rain in the later part of the season when it was required. Farmers are genius here so they can survive the crop easily. But overall this district will also give yield of 11 maund per Bigha and hence would be giving 467 kg yield per hectare.

Bhavnagar district has had good rains in the start as well as in the later part of the season. Coastal part of Talaja Mahuva and Rajula crops are very healthy with better soil moisture. In some part of Palitana and Jesar, non irrigated kapas are not in good conditions. Overall this district will give a yield of 15 maund per Bigha. Hence it will yield 637 kg per hectare.  

Morbi is the poorest crop in the whole Saurashtra region. Here most lands are non-irrigated which in turn will give hardly 4.50 maund per Bigha. With some irrigated we estimate and average of 5.50 maund per Bigha here. Yield will be 234 kg per hectare.

Botad also has very few irrigated areas. While non irrigated kapas is in very poor condition. So like Morbi, Botad is also calculated at only 5.5maund per Bigha and hence 234 kg per hectare yield.

Gir Somnath area is highest yielding area and will give 17 maund per Bigha. Hence it will yield 725 Kg per hectare

Devbhumi Dwarka is a non irrigated area and yield will be 5 maund per Bigha and hence will be at 212 kg per hectare

Saurashtra 1 Hectare = 6.25 Bigha

1 Maund = 20 Kg

North Gujarat

Banaskantha district was a wash out due to flood in last year. This year farmers 20+ maund per Bigha in this area. So it will give 612 kg per hectare.

Patan also faced flood last year. This year there is a deficit of one rainfall, hence yield will be somewhat lower than last year. We estimate 550 kg per hectare yield for this year.

Farmers of Mehsana district are taking 2 crops and remove the cotton after December. Farmers have better resources of water here. Here we estimate 16 maund per Bigha on average because of only 2 picking are taken. It will be 490 kg per hectare yield.

Sabarkantha and Arravali have got good rains in the later part of September also. Soil moisture is better here. Some farmers are complaining about some plants getting redish in color due to last rain. But here we expect at least more than 22 maund per Bigha. It will give yield of 673 Kg per hectare.

Gandhinagar district is a smaller part of cotton & expected yield is nearby 550 kg per hectare.

Ahmedabad district has major part of 797 farming. This year plants are in very healthy position and 797 yeild will be 440 kg per hectare while in Shankar 6 which appears to be a small part in Ahmedabad district would be giving 550 kg per hectare yield. So average yield can be considered at 490 kg per hectare.

North Gujarat 1 Hectare = 4.5 Bigha.

1 Maund = 20 Kg 

Main Line

In main line there is enough ground water due to flowing rivers. This year deficit of last rain in September but crop condition is healthy. Here in this area farmer will get 500 Kg. to 600 Kg. per Bigha. In some part of Bodeli and Pavi Jetpur yield is somewhat low. Outturn this year look better compare to last year. If natural cool climate remain in coming day crop can get more than our estimate.

Main Line 1 Hectare = 4.5 Bigha. 


In Kutch area monsoon was very poor. Kapas sowing near costal area get better climatic moisture. Here 90% area is irrigated so plants are healthy. Kutch areas always give better yield. We expect minimum yield of 825 Kg. per Hectare.

Kutch  1 Hectare = 6.25 Bigha   1 Maund = 20 Kg 

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